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1st Semester Fractal Project

Project Description and Rubric:
See Google Classroom

Interactive Fractals:

Use the following websites to start answer your questions and inform yourself about fractals.
What is a fractal? Make sure to look at all the pages! Make sure to look at all the pages!
What is self-similarity?
What is the dimension of a fractal?
What is iteration?
Where are fractals found in nature?
What are fractals used for?
Waclaw Sierpinski
Fractal Foundation Online Course: Answers several questions!
Fractal Foundation

Images/Other Occurrences:
This picture of the Sierpinski triangle is from the Church Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome, Italy from the 12th or 13th century. 

Wild Cabbage: a natural fractal

Article about a Sierpinski pastry:
Sierpinski Pastry

Watch each of the videos for more information on fractals:


How Do Fractals Work?

Nova Video: (We will watch in class)

Nova: Hunting the Hidden Dimension